Court Awarded Over $150,000 for Defamation Against Doctor
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Jury Awards $150,000 Against Doctor for Defamation

What’s your reputation worth?

Parks, Chesin & Walbert partner Andrew Coffman represented a client in a slander case against a local doctor in Forsyth County Superior Court. The jury awarded her over $150,000.  The plaintiff, Lorry Rice, was a former employee of the doctor’s pediatric practice.  When Ms. Rice quit her employment for non-payment of her wages, the doctor retaliated by spreading rumors that Ms. Rice had stolen money and property from her practice. Ms. Rice sued for defamation of character (slander) and other claims.  After less than one hour of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict against the doctor for $108,000.  The judge later added another $43,000 for attorneys fees and costs. The total award was $151,200. The case is Rice v. Cheshire, 2010-CV-0907 (Forsyth Superior Court).