Company hit with over $350,000 award for retaliation
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Jury Awards $360,000 Against Employer for Title VII Retaliation

Employer Pays for Retaliation.

Andrew Y. Coffman, PCW partner, prevailed in court in a Title VII retaliation case, with a total award of $360,000.  Our client filed discrimination charges against her former employer for pregnancy discrimination after her job was eliminated. The employer responded by suing our client for a number of frivolous claims, all of which were dismissed before trial. The case proceeded to trial on the plaintiff’s claims of discrimination and retaliation under Title VII and the Family and Medical Leave Act. After a four day jury trial in the United States District Court in Atlanta, the jury awarded the plaintiff $110,000, including $100,000 in punitive damages against her former employer. The Court also awarded $250,000 in attorneys fees against the employer.  The case is Obester v. The Lucas Group, U.S.D.C., 1:08-cv-3491-AT (2011).