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AGs Office Considers Appeal in Class Action

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     By Kathleen Baydala Joyner


The state attorney general’s office is deciding whether to appeal a judge’s decision to allow a potential class action to move forward against the Georgia Department of Community Health in which a government employee alleges she was duped into buying a more expensive health insurance plan.


Judge rules Pike County Can’t Balance Budget by Slashing Salaries, Staff of County Magistrates

Greg Land,gland@alm.com, Special to the Fulton County Daily ReportPARKS_pcw14_parks_5523_b

“A little case with big implications,” said Parks, Chesin & Walbert partner Lee Parks in describing a Superior Court judge’s ruling that the Pike County Commission illegally slashed the salary, staff and budget of Pike County Chief Magistrate Marcia Callaway-Ingram shortly after she was appointed to fill the position in 2010.


Former DeKalb Clerk Looks to Oust Successor

Janet Conley, Fulton County Daily Report

Despite “temporary episodes of dementia,” former DeKalb Superior Court Clerk Linda Carter says in an affidavit that she is competent to complete her term in office, and that staff could handle her duties when she is confused.


Ex-UGA employee awarded $1.3 million

Greg Land, special to the Fulton County Daily Report

A federal jury has awarded a former project director for the University of Georgia almost $1.3 million for her claims that her former boss falsely accused her of stealing state-owned equipment, resulting in her arrest, destroying her career and sending her into a suicidal depression.