J. Matthew Maguire, Jr., Author at Parks Chesin & Walbert
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Quantum Meruit Is Available Even If Not Requested

The Court of Appeals held in a recent decision that contractor’s complaint against homeowners for failure to pay contractor for house renovation was sufficient to raise claim of quantum meruit in addition to a claim for breach of contract. One Bluff Drive, LLC v. K.A.P. Inc., 2015 WL 653667. After a jury trial, Appellant/Defendant appealed the verdict in favor of contractor for breach of contract and quantum meruit.


Successful Protest of Georgia State Contract

Matt Maguire and Jenn Coalson protested a $15 million/year award of the Georgia Department of Corrections’ prison commissary contract on behalf of two Georgia-based family-owned businesses.  The Department of Corrections had decided to award the contract to a large, national supplier but we were able to prove that the supplier failed to meet the RFP mandatory requirements and, as a consequence, should have been disqualified.

Important Georgia Supreme Court Decision Regarding Sovereign Immunity

On February 24, 2014, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a decision that will have significant ramifications for companies and individuals who litigate with Georgia state agencies and counties.  While the state and its political subdivisions (i.e., counties) have traditionally enjoyed sovereign immunity as to damage claims, the Georgia Supreme Court had made it clear in Intl. Bus. Machines Corp. v. Evans, 265 Ga. 215, 453 S.E.2d 706 (1995) that suits seeking non-monetary equitable relief were exceptions to the State’s sovereign immunity.


PCW Prevails in Pre-Award Bid Protest

Matt Maguire prevailed in a pre-award bid protest of Georgia’s IT staffing contract which removed certain requirements from the RFP that presented substantial impediments to our client’s ability to supply those services to the state.