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Unions Strike against Verizon

Americans are struggling economically. As a result, 2016 Presidential campaigns address citizens’ grievances as a central part of their campaign platforms.

Workers claim corporations are greedy. They say big companies make business decisions that focus on profits over paying fair wages and benefits. Specifically, they complain that jobs are being sent overseas to workers who will work for less. In response, corporations argue that they’re just responding to the realities of a global economy. They say they must have the flexibility to make business decisions that keep them competitive. This is the central fight between Verizon’s union workers currently on strike and the telecommunications giant.


Are Employees Entitled to Vacation in Georgia?

Federal law, specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the national minimum standard for wages and only requires payment for time actually worked. Some states have laws that provide their citizens with additional benefits including paid or unpaid vacation. Georgia does not have a state law governing wages and benefits, so the FLSA standards are also the standards in Georgia, and paid or unpaid vacation is not required.


Severance Pay: What Are My Rights?

Severance pay is typically part of a benefits package some employees receive when they leave employment. They can include benefits such as several months’ salary, payment for unused vacation or sick time, continued medical, dental or life insurance coverage, retirement benefits, stock options, and help finding new employment.