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Disability Law: What Resources Can Help My Autistic Child Find Work

As autistic children grow up, their parents may wonder how to help prepare their children for adulthood. They may ask: “Will my child be able to live on their own or will they need more regular care?”, “Will they have a social network and the support they need?”, “Will they be able to earn a living and support themselves with their disability?”. While autism may affect some differently than others, it’s important to note that all people with autism have protections and rights when it comes to employment.


ADA Covers Accommodations Not Tied to Essential Job Duties

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibits covered employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of disability.  That prohibition requires an employer to provide “reasonable accommodation” to disabled employees, unless doing so would cause undue hardship.  The burden is on the employee to request accommodation and make it known to the employer that the request is for a reason related to the employee’s disability or medical condition.  But the employee need not reference the ADA, use any particular magic language (including the phrase “reasonable accommodation”), or request a specific form of accommodation.  And the burden is on the employer to demonstrate that providing the accommodation would impose undue hardship.