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The Legal Difference between Earning a Salary and Being Paid Hourly

When you get a job offer, you should consider how your salary will be paid as well as what other benefits come with the offer. It is important to know whether the job will be paid on an hourly or a salaried basis. Hourly employees are always entitled to overtime wages salaried employees are usually, but not always entitled to overtime pay. However, some salaried positions are exempt from overtime. These positions are normally executive or management type job. Overtime pay makes a difference. As odd as it seems, it is possible for an employee to take a pay cut when they are promoted to a salaried position that is exempt from overtime.


Defendant Breached Physician’s Contract

Parks, Chesin & Walbert attorney Matt Maguire obtained a jury award that included attorneys’ fees after convincing the jury that the Defendant breached the duty of good faith and fair dealing implied in all contracts when it terminated a physician’s contract with cause in order to avoid having to continue paying her salary.