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Legal Discrimination: How Far Have We Come?

In January 1960, the undefeated Syracuse Orange football team beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl to win their only National Championship to date. This win was due in part to the performance of star running back Ernie Davis who would later be the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy and the first black man to be drafted #1 overall in the NFL draft. Syracuse University, however, did not attend the awards banquet later that night to celebrate their championship. Why? Davis and two of his black teammates were not invited to the dinner due to their race. In 1960, blatant racial discrimination like that was relatively commonplace. In 2016, it is completely unacceptable.


In the News: Corporate Law Suits

Businesses are always on the lookout for developments in the law so they can learn how they may be affected. One particular law suit that has peaked businesses’ interest has been progressing through the courts for the last six years—and may finally be approaching a conclusion. It is a fascinating case and one that has implications for businesses across Georgia, their employees, and for society.