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Firing a Pregnant Woman: What is Legal

“I’m pregnant,” can be the happiest phrase a person hears in their life (or the most terrifying). If a couple has been trying to become pregnant for years and their prayers have finally been answered, the news may be exciting. If an employer is trying to manage a business and his or her employee says, “I’m pregnant,” the news may be discomforting.


Can Employers Discriminate Based on Weight?

What is fattism and why is it an issue? A recent academic argument, written by professors Philip Rostant and Tamara Hervey defines the term. According to them, fattism is the prejudicial mistreatment of a person because of his or her size. The study suggests that obese employees are being subjected to fattism in the workplace through unfair treatment and limited opportunities. The law experts advocate that anti-discrimination laws should recognize “overweight” employees as a protected class.


Work Uniforms: What is Legal?

While employers legally can and do set the standards when it comes to the dress and appearance of their employees—employers have to adhere to what’s laid out in a federal law called The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FSLA sets the minimum national standards for employment. States and localities may also pass more stringent laws that provide increased benefits and protections for employees in their geographic areas.