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Political Speech & the Workplace

If you think that work is going to be your reprieve from the incessant political pontification of your friends on Facebook and social media, think again. No one could have predicted the 2016 Election’s trajectory. Most in the media and the public thought Trump’s candidacy was a joke and that he would drop out. They were wrong. His inflammatory rhetoric has sparked a highly charged debate with deep passions raging on both sides. People who normally stay silent or ignore politics are weighing in on social media and at work. High emotions and strong divergent opinions can result in heated discord between employees and decreased productivity. An employer’s obligation to manage political speech at work depends on whether the employer is a public employer or a private employer. Here is the law:


Diversity, Workplace and the Law: Winning Business

Recently, I heard the CEO of a Fortune 100 company (who is a white male) describe an “a-ha” moment he had. His “a-ha” moment occurred when he finally realized what diversity really means. While looking over the agenda for a senior leadership meeting, he saw “team building activity” on the list and asked the group, “So, where are we playing golf?”


Gun Rights: Do They Apply at Work?

When you’re at work, the last thing you are thinking about is whether or not your coworker is packing heat. However, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 23,000 injuries occurred due to assault at work in 2013 in the United States. During that year, 397 people were murdered while at work. Workplace violence is real. If you’re a Georgian, this is what you need to know about staying safe at work.